What tool do you need for the car?


From the individual wrench to the tool box – What do you need as a car screwdriver?

Many repairs can be done by the car itself. Provided of course one has the suitable tool at hand. But which tool sets convince? What tools do I need?

In general, the following applies to the competence of the driver. What do you dare to repair yourself? Because there are big differences in toolboxes. The offer ranges from the small, cheap case for hobbyist with 30 to 50 parts to the professional tool car with more than 200 parts. Brands such as Famex, Gedore, Würth, Hazet, Mannesmann, Starkmann and Proxxon are among the market leaders thanks to first-class quality. And the price also plays. Thus, Starkmann’s toolboxes can score through their high-quality materials and a reasonable price and are also the best-selling car tool kits on eBay. From the 94-piece ratchet box (also called ratchet box) via the 108-piece socket wrench kit to the 616-piece toolbox, something for every screw driver. Since you only have to decide. However caution with too favorable offers. With a 100-piece tool box for just $30 you will not have long fun.

These tools you should own as a hobbyist

Wrench tool box – Important for every hobbyist

Do you want to put your hand on your car? Then a wide selection of key rings is essential. With one set, you have the right wrench for each screw. Most sets offer sizes from 6 mm to 25 mm (usually in 1 mm steps). The most important sizes are probably 10, 13, 15, 17, and 19 mm. Of course you can buy such a set also used.

Plug-in box for easy operation

Whether you need a key like a ratchet it is irreplaceable for easy loosening of screw connections within a small working area. The advantages of a superlock system. Due to the fine shaft system, the tightening pressure is distributed completely onto the surfaces of the screw head. This means that the force transmission is much greater and no over-rotation of the head or the nut is possible.

Which hex wrench (hexagon socket wrench) do I need?

With Allen key (or hex wrench) it depends on quality, because otherwise they are very fast bent, rounded or broken off. Allen wrenches for the ratchet box have proved to be especially helpful, especially with fixed screws. The most commonly used sizes are 4, 5, 6 and 8 mm.

Screwdriver replacement – the pain of choice

Whether extra-long screwdrivers, Torx screwdrivers with T-handle or magnetic screwdrivers – without going nothing. You need at least two cross and slotted screwdrivers. And screwdrivers can also be called the screwdrivers. 😉

Also helpful for many work:

  • torque wrench
  • jack
  • And support blocks
  • spark plug wrench
  • Pliers
  • Electrical Tool
  • waxes & polishes
  • Order is half of life

Goofy, but if you have already put money into high-quality tools, it is annoying if you forgive them or take the tools damage. Tool carriages made of steel sheet with drawers, work surface and rollers have proven themselves in the car repair shop and are cheap to buy for relatively little money online. And so that no one can borrow the good tools without asking, they can often be closed.

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