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Strobe light warning accompanies screenings of 'Incredibles 2'
Disney has asked theater owners to include a warning about scenes featuring strobe and flashing lights in its latest movie "Incredibles 2," the studio confirmed. AMC Theatres said the studio reached out with the request on Friday, and showings of the film ...

Theaters to Add Strobe Light Warning to ‘Incredibles 2’ After Viral Twitter Thread
This weekend’s release of the long-awaited “Incredibles 2” has prompted some attendees to caution others via Twitter that the movie has several scenes with flashing lights that could pose a danger to those with epilepsy or other light-sensitive ...

Theaters add warning to 'Incredibles 2' in wake of strobe light concerns
Some theaters are adding health warnings to their ticket counters in the wake of a Twitter thread about strobe light effects in Incredibles 2. Blogger and advocate Veronica Lewis tweeted the thread on Friday, writing that the film's liberal use of ...

Theaters to Issue Strobe Light Warning for 'Incredibles 2'
Moviegoers seeing Incredibles 2 will now be warned about the flashing lights used in the film and their potentially triggering effect. After a blogger and Twitter user, Veronica Lewis, posted a warning about the strobe/flashing lights used in Disney and ...

Disney issues seizure warning about 'Incredibles 2' for fans with epilepsy
In an unprecedented move, Disney has issued a warning to viewers about its new Incredibles ... features a sequence with the villain Screenslaver that features bright flashing lights. After the film opened Friday, some theatergoers posted on social ...

‘The Incredibles 2’ Will Include A Warning For Light Sensitive Viewers, Thanks To Twitter
Something interesting has happened through the power of social media this weekend. Without any calls for boycotts or criticism, Disney has asked exhibitors to inform visitors that The Incredibles 2 might cause trouble for those with light sensitivity issues.

Disney Asks Theaters to Warn Patrons About the Strobe Lights in The Incredibles 2
One of these scenes lasts over 90 seconds with continuous strobe light, other scenes last anywhere from 5-30 seconds — Veronica Lewis (@veron4ica) June 15, 2018 These scenes are also spread out across the movie and often come without warning. My ...

Incredibles 2: Viral Thread Prompts Theaters to Add Strobe Light Warning
Following a viral Twitter thread which warned viewers that footage in Incredibles 2 had potential to trigger seizures, theaters have decided to add strobe light warnings to the recently released Pixar film. The footage in question involves rapidly flashing ...

Theaters Add Strobe Light Warning to "Incredibles 2" after Epilepsy Concerns
Those with epilepsy or other light-sensitive conditions may have to avoid the long-awaited sequel to The Incredibles, which debuted this week. The movie is "filled with tons of strobe/flashing lights," which could be dangerous to those who suffer from ...

'Incredibles 2': US theatres to issue strobe light warning
Moviegoers seeing "Incredibles 2" in the US will now be warned about the flashing lights used in the film and their potentially triggering effect. After a blogger and Twitter user posted a warning about the strobe/flashing lights used in Disney and Pixar's ...

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