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Jet-drive boats get WV anglers to fishing spots they once couldn't reach
CLENDENIN — Holding the throttle wide open, Scott Smith steered his boat into a narrow, shallow side channel on West Virginia’s Elk River at nearly 30 miles an hour. Rough-water waves slapped at the aluminum hull. Smith ducked an overhanging tree limb ...

Boat service halted in Koshi River after water level rises
Established in February 1993, the Kathmandu Post, Nepal’s first privately owned English broadsheet daily, is today Nepal’s leading English language newspaper, with a daily circulation of 82,000 copies. This makes the Post Nepal’s second-most widely ...

Float your own boat
After a brief stint working in the cabinet shop at Dassault Falcon Jet, Johnson, 61, decided to turn that lifelong passion into a business: Last November, he opened Little Rock Boat Builder Supply, a business that's likely unique in Arkansas. Although this ...

Missing Jet Skier Found Dead in Rogue River
Rural Metro Fire says a missing jet skier was found dead in the Rogue River Saturday ... and Josephine County Search and Rescue all searched for several hours by boat and on the bank. This is a developing story and will be updated with the latest ...

Mechanical analysis being done on Jet Ski that killed girl on ND lake
shortly after the incident. The girls were tubing behind a boat when they were struck by a 2003 Kawasaki Jet Ski operated by Dean Bartsch, 31, Minot.Bartsch was ejected from the Jet Ski which continued "uncontrolled" when it struck the two girls in the tube.

Squirt—the world’s first jet powered flying boat fighter
The “other” jet power waterborne fighter—the Saunders-Roe SR.A/1—as the Convair F2Y Sea Dart is usually recognized as the archetypical waterborne fighter. Yes, the SR.A/1 predated the Sea Dart by six years, flying just after the end of World War II ...

22 rescued from Connecticut River after Dragon Boat strikes rocks
Team coach Jayson Pena was riding in a safety launch alongside the larger boat taking pictures when it hit. "I still had my phone up in front of me when it stopped," he said. Luckily, the Agawam Fire Department jet boat was conducting an exercise and had ...

Dad Will Love This: Game Room, Jetski Lift, Boat Dock For $1.9M
and 150-foot dock with boat lift and jet-ski lift! New furnace, new AC system, newer roof & more! Incredible location ready for new owners to live the ultimate coastal lifestyle! This listing originally appeared on For more information and ...

Identity of man who died in jet ski accident released
The identity of the man who died in a jet ski accident near the Butte La Rose boat launch off of I-10 on Thursday has been released. Authorities say, Robert L. Julien, 46, of Opelousas, was attempting to load his jet ski onto a trailer when he fell off and ...

Swollen Koshi River stalls boat service
Jun 13, 2018-Koshi River swelling and turbulent water flow because of heavy rain has suspended jet boat services since the last one week. The swollen river, triggered by heavy rains in hill districts, sweeps logs and stones that pose risk to boat services.

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