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Sleek Donzi Is Built For Speed
The name may sound like the latest yacht from Palermo. The sleek lines may look inspired by Ital Design. And the color used on some boats may look close to Ferrarri Red. However, Donzi is as American as a Pontiac Bonneville and it is made in Florida.

Boat festival set for this weekend at CBMM
Chris-Craft, Trumpy, Gar Wood, Donzi and Lyman will be among some of the boats represented. Workshops and seminars, building demonstrations, family activities and a nautical flea market will be available throughout the weekend, along with a selection of ...

Who gets hurt on The Bachelorette? Contestant getting ‘beat up in a fight’ is actually something very different
In case you only remember Alex for crying after his elimination, he’s also a self-proclaimed country music lover, who loves his dog, Donzi. Are you surprised that Becca sent home Alex, Trent, and Rickey during this week’s episode of The Bachelorette?

Owner Of Donzi Yachts Watches Ship Come In
And now he wants to move his Donzi Yachts manufacturing plant from Bradenton to a 5-acre site next to his repair yard, Roscioli Yachting Center. "I've taken a lot of risks in my life," said Roscioli, 52, who lives with his family in Fort Lauderdale.

Dramatic moment a $1million powerboat is wrecked as 'show-off' driver speeds straight into huge wave and sends it flying 40ft into air
He said: 'I saw the powerboat sitting out on the water in the biggest swell of the year. 'The waves were 20ft high and I thought to myself 'that's a really bad place to be sitting', I have been surfing for 15 years on Ocean Beach and I have never seen ...

Old boats, cool fun June 15-17 in St. Michaels
Chris-Craft, Trumpy, Gar Wood, Donzi, and Lyman are among some of the boats represented. Along with the mid-Atlantic’s largest gathering of antique and classic boats, the festival’s signature Arts at Navy Point pavilion brings more than 70 juried fine ...

Donzi, Gibson Guitar try to make sweet music together
First it was movies and television shows. Flashy Donzi boats happily speeded along in "Charlie's Angels," the movie, and on TV's "24" and "Nash Bridges." Then, a few weeks ago, the southern Manatee boat maker renewed a three-year deal with Universal ...

Donzi's 210 Medallion For Family Fun Afloat
The Donzi name tugs at the hearts and souls of thousands of boat owners nationwide. During the '60s, the builders of this reputable boat line enjoyed fantastic owner loyalty and some of the best public relations of any boat company ever. The founder ...

Good Things Come In Smaller Companies, Donzi Owners Feel
The Donzi acquisition is ``kind of ironic,`` Genth said. ``The first company he (Aronow) started was Formula and I bought it at Thunderbird (Products Corp.) It`s funny that I should buy his second company.`` The latest owners, Genth and Staples -- who have ...

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