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RV company Winnebago buying boat maker Chris-Craft
RV maker Winnebago Industries will buy legendary boat maker Chris-Craft as it works to diversify its portfolio in the outdoors market. "Chris-Craft is an iconic, premium brand that shares many similarities with our own heritage Winnebago brand, including a ...

Winnebago Acquires Chris-Craft For Recreational Marine Expansion
Winnebago has acquired Chris-Craft for an undisclosed sum. Chris-Craft is an iconic premium boat manufacturer based in Sarasota, Florida. The deal provides Winnebago with a footprint and dealer network as management embarks on an expansion into the ...

Winnebago Buys Boat Maker Chris-Craft From Stellican
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Winnebago acquires Chris-Craft
Winnebago Industries, Inc., a leading outdoor lifestyle product manufacturer, has acquired Chris-Craft, an iconic recreational boat builder, from Stellican Ltd., which has owned Chris-Craft since 2001. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Winnebago buys recreational boat company Chris-Craft
Winnebago Industries is announcing plans to expanding its recreational products to boats. The Forest City-based motor home manufacturer announced today that they have acquired Chris-Craft, a recreational boat builder, from Stellican Ltd., which has owned ...

Winnebago buys iconic boatbuilder Chris-Craft
Winnebago's deal comes shortly after Polaris Industries Inc. announced its entry into the boat market with its $805 million deal to buy Boat Holdings. Stellican Ltd., a London-based investment firm, had owned Chris-Craft since 2001 before the sale to ...

Chris-Craft bought by Winnebago
SARASOTA — Famed Sarasota-based boat brand Chris-Craft — rescued from being financially and reputationally bankrupt in 2001 — has been sold to Winnebago Industries Inc., the American maker of recreational vehicles, the companies announced Monday.

Antique and classic boats for Father's Day
Racing boats, work boats, hydroplanes are on display with classic makers such as Chris-Craft, Gar Wood and Trumpy. Seminars and workshops are offered throughout the festival. A nautical “Field of Dreams” features a nautical flea market and a wide array ...

Forest City-based Winnebago Industries acquires recreational boat builder
FOREST CITY — RV manufacturer Winnebago Industries announced Monday it has entered the marine market by acquiring Chris-Craft, a recreational boat builder. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed, according to a news release. The recreational boat ...

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