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Bodies of two Maryland boaters found in Potomac
Police identified the men as Eriberto Ferrufino, 47, and Franklin Ferrufino, 43, both of Silver Spring. The men’s 13-foot Boston Whaler was found empty and turning in circles about 10:30 p.m. Saturday near Cobb Island, police said. The investigation into ...

'They Knew Him For His Spirit': Reflecting On Former Whaler Johnny McKenzie's Time In Hartford
(Courant file photo) Kelli Stacy Contact The No. 19 hangs high in the rafters of the XL Center, a lasting memory of beloved former Whaler Johnny “Pie ... said Chris Price, a Boston Sports Journal reporter.

Boater Dies As Vessel Hits Reef
The 20ft Boston Whaler was passing through Long Cay just off Arawak Cay around 11pm when the vessel ripped into rocks. The force of the impact threw five people on board into the water among which was an eight-year-old boy. In the darkness, the vessel’s ...

Boston Whaler celebrates expansion in Southeast Volusia
EDGEWATER — Equipped with hard hats and golden shovels, Boston Whaler executives and area leaders on Tuesday tossed the ceremonial first shovelfuls of dirt to celebrate the upcoming expansion of the boat company’s factory along the Indian River.

Brunswick Corporation : Brunswick's Boston Whaler and Mercury Marine to Aid MIT Marine Robotics Research
LAKE FOREST, IL - Aug. 9, 2017 - "On road" applications are not the only mode of transportation facing significant change due to autonomous control systems. For the past several years, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), through its Marine ...

Boston Whaler announces major expansion to its Edgewater, Florida headquarters
EDGEWATER, Fla. — Boston Whaler has just confirmed a major land acquisition, resulting in the expansion of its Edgewater, Florida headquarters by approximately 60 acres on the facility’s northern border. The addition reflects more than two years of ...

2 missing boaters found in Potomac identified
Crews had been looking for the pair after their boat, a 13-foot Boston Whaler, was found empty and turning in circles around 10:30 p.m. Saturday. That vessel was found near Cobb Island in Charles County, authorities said on Twitter. Maryland Natural ...

‘This Ruling Gives Us Hope’: Supreme Court Sides With Tribe in Salmon Case
But on a cloudy morning last month, the tribal community chairman, Brian Cladoosby, was having no luck. Drifting in his 21-foot Boston Whaler, he spotted his 84-year-old father, Michael, standing in yellow overalls in another boat, pulling an empty net ...

Gov. Rick Scott holds up Boston Whaler as proof of Enterprise Florida's worth
EDGEWATER — For the second time in two years, Gov. Rick Scott dropped into Southeast Volusia to do some cheerleading for boat manufacturer Boston Whaler. And he found some backup in his fight with the Florida House of Representatives over job-incentive ...

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