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2006 Big Dog
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Big cougar, a small dog, a sad ending
Nick Lufkin’s Sunday morning started off ordinarily enough, and around 8 a.m. he let his dog Chuy out to do his business. For the Lufkins everything was normal at their Francis Way abode, but that was ...

Family's dog killed by mountain lion was hero for alerting owners to danger
One of the big cats had grabbed Chuy (pronounced “chewy”) by the ... That decision, Game and Fish Large Carnivore Chief Dan Thompson said, was made partly because of the dog killing, but also because ...

West Orange Dog Park: Dogs big and small have a ball
The West Orange Dog Park in Winter Garden caters to dogs large and small with two separate yards that have their own benefits. The West Orange Dog Park caters to dogs large and small with two separate ...

Small dog wins big at Dog Days of Denton, becomes new spokesdog
Every dog has its day, and Saturday happened to be Jazz’s day after he won the spokesdog title at the Dog Days of Denton Pageant. Dog Days of Denton celebrated its 25th anniversary with another year o...

9 Things To Know Before Getting A Big Dog
The idea of actually wanting a big dog is something that small dog people will never understand, but if you have the space, the time, the budget, and a giant dog-shaped hole in your heart (as opposed ...

Poland hosts Big Dog Little Dog mentorship program
Poland schools kicked off the fourth year of their Big Dog Little Dog mentorship program Sept. 26. Students from Poland Seminary High School took time out of their school day to go to Poland Union Ele...

10 Tiny Dog Breeds That Prove Big Things Come In Small Packages
Big dogs are great, but little dogs have lots of advantages. They tend to live longer, they can be scooped up and held like teddy bears, and you can sneak them into most places in an average handbag.

The Truffle Dog Company digs up big bucks for Northwest landowners with truffles on their property
CHEHALIS, Wash. — Alana McGee and her partner, a Lagotto Romagnolo named Lola, are on the hunt in Chehalis, Wash. McGee is co-owner of the Truffle Dog Company-- a Washington operation that finds, and ...

2-year-old mauled to death by family's dog in Alvin
"If the dog's eyes get big and its ears go back, you know they don't want to be messed with. It's our responsibility to make sure we don't set the dog, or the children up for failure, or in this ...

Dog of the week is just right: Meet Tulip, not too big, not too small
If you like your oatmeal not too hot and not too cold and the temperature not too high or not too cold, Tulip might be the dog for you. She’s not too big and not too small, and she’s struck a fine bal...

Scene stealers on stage this fall: Dogs big and small — and an understudy chicken
As I write, Chicago has five fine doggy actors on the boards: Kima in “Downstate” at Steppenwolf Theatre (Kima should win the Jeff Award for Most Scary Dog Ever on a Chicago Stage); Tod Doodle in “The ...

Ice-skating dog hopes to make it big with Vegas Golden Knights
It's easy to understand where the interest started -- the Vegas Golden Knights have inspired a renewed interest in all things skating. LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — It's easy to understand where the interest sta...

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