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"Ultra GLOSS" 4D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Paint Protector Wrap Film Sticker 72"X60" cheap
"Ultra GLOSS" 4D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Paint Protector Wrap Film Sticker 72"X60"
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$ 40.94
Low priced "Ultra GLOSS" 4D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Paint Protector Wrap Film Sticker 72"X60" buy

News dealing with Carbon Fiber Rims

Carbon Fiber Wheel Builder Rotobox Builds A Bike
Rotobox has introduced the Splice, a lightweight and expensive supermoto. Carbon fiber is a wonderful thing. It's lightweight, strong, and is finding more and more practical applications these days. R...

No paint, no clear: Koenigsegg crafts Regera wearing "naked" carbon fiber
Koenigsegg is an expert when it comes to carbon fiber. After all, the small Swedish company was the first to offer carbon fiber wheels straight from the factory. Now it's ventured into a new realm con...

Tuned McLaren 650S Spider Sports New Alloys, Extra Carbon Fiber Parts
The 650S is fitted with a carbon fiber front end, sills and diffusers ... 650S Spider Looks Like A Transformer The work has been rounded up by the Vossen alloy wheels. The 20-inch front and 21-inch re...

Meet the 2018 Koenigsegg KNC Regera, The World’s First Naked Carbon Vehicle
What began as applications on wheels, wings, splitters ... the Swedish automaker raises the bar on what’s possible in the auto industry. The use of naked carbon fiber on a car isn’t entirely new. Koen...

Koenigsegg Will Sell You a Regera Made from Naked Carbon Fiber
But now it's able to produce body panels, wheels, wings, splitters ... "It's not unusual for a customer to specify their car with visible carbon fiber. It's a beautiful material from a visual perspect...

Feast Your Eyes on Koenigsegg’s First Fully Carbon Fiber Regera
While Koenigsegg has been using this technique for years, the carbon fiber artists at Ängelholm reserved it for specific parts like wheels, aerodynamic components, and interior trim pieces until now. ...

Koenigsegg Builds a Fully Carbon-Fiber Hypercar
For years, Koenigsegg has been developing its carbon fiber technology, perfecting it with every steering wheel, wing, and splitter installed in its cars before working on the completely carbon-fiber R...

Koenigsegg Regera is the first car ever in complete Koenigsegg Naked Carbon
KNC is completely bare carbon fiber with no lacquer, varnish ... KNC has been used over the years to produce wheels, wings, splitters, winglets, and steering wheels. Before doing an entire car in the ...

Koenigsegg's ultimate tribute to carbon fiber: The bare-naked KNC Regera
Hypercar buyers love carbon fiber, and Koenigsegg has just released ... using the striking metallic graphite-like finish it creates as accents on wheels, steering wheels and aero components.

Scott Pruett Designs Custom Lexus Wine Car; Bugatti Gets a Carbon-Fiber Champagne
Photos courtesy of Lexus Pruett has raced in all sorts of 4-wheeled contraptions, from karts to Indy cars to NASCAR to Grand-Am, and he's partnered with Lexus behind the wheel, in front of ... world's ...

Lexus RC F Track Edition Headed To Detroit With A Number Of Carbon Fiber Components
Elsewhere, designers installed new front air ducts, carbon fiber side skirt extensions and a large rear wing. Other notable features include lightweight alloy wheels, a new rear bumper and a sporty di...

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