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1960s 327 Chris Craft Marine 1955-1985 SB Chevy 2 Pc Main Cast Iron Oil Pan 7609 cheap
1960s 327 Chris Craft Marine 1955-1985 SB Chevy 2 Pc Main Cast Iron Oil Pan 7609
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  • Time left: 27 days 11 hours
  • Category: Oil Systems
$ 195.00
Low priced 1960s 327 Chris Craft Marine 1955-1985 SB Chevy 2 Pc Main Cast Iron Oil Pan 7609 buy
Original Chris Craft oil Pressure Guage cheap
Original Chris Craft oil Pressure Guage
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  • Shipping: $ 10.00
  • Time left: 17 days 8 hours
  • Category: Oil Systems
$ 75.00
Low priced Original Chris Craft oil Pressure Guage buy

News dealing with Chris Craft

'Extraordinary' show fills Black River with classic motorboats
No matter where they came from, even from the heart of Chris-Craft country in Algonac, many of the people attending Saturday's classic and antique boat show in Port Huron agreed on one thing: It's unl...

Boat Maker Debuts New Model
The Manatee County boat manufacturer Chris-Craft is debuting its new Launch 28 GT this week at the Cannes Yachting Festival. The new design has a walk-through transom and reversible sun pad that moves ...

Winnebago: 96% Target Return
Shares present a forward rate of return of 23.92% at current price. The recent acquisition of boat maker Chris-Craft will allow company to capture a larger share of the outdoor recreational market.

Twins recall working in the Cadillac Chris Craft plant during WWII
In June, we highlighted Cadillac’s World War II manufacturing history with a story titled, “How Cadillac plant workers helped win the war.‘ The Chris Craft Cadillac plant produced 2,000 of the landing ...

Chris-Craft Commander connoisseurs congregate at Mentor Lagoons Marina
When Chris Craft introduced the 38’ Commander in 1964 it was the first of a series of cruisers built entirely in fiberglass. Based on the fact the original founders of this Club all had 1st generation ...

Chris-Craft pact pumps News Corp.
NEW YORK — News Corp. execs crowed over their broadcast coup Monday, promising that the combination of Fox and Chris-Craft TV stations will create unbeatable duopolies in the biggest markets, major le...

RV company Winnebago buying boat maker Chris-Craft
RV maker Winnebago Industries will buy legendary boat maker Chris-Craft as it works to diversify its portfolio in the outdoors market. "Chris-Craft is an iconic, premium brand that shares many similar...

Chris-Craft bought by Winnebago
SARASOTA — Famed Sarasota-based boat brand Chris-Craft — rescued from being financially and reputationally bankrupt in 2001 — has been sold to Winnebago Industries Inc., the American maker of recreati...

Forest City-based Winnebago Industries acquires recreational boat builder
FOREST CITY | RV manufacturer Winnebago Industries announced Monday it has has entered the marine market by acquiring Chris-Craft, a recreational boat builder. Terms of the transaction were not disclo...

Winnebago Acquires Chris-Craft For Recreational Marine Expansion
Winnebago has acquired Chris-Craft for an undisclosed sum. Chris-Craft is an iconic premium boat manufacturer based in Sarasota, Florida. The deal provides Winnebago with a footprint and dealer networ...

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