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A snowmobile club rebuilds
In most parts of the Adirondacks, that is accomplished by volunteer snowmobile clubs that use their own groomers and volunteer members for the chore. These volunteers give up their own time, not only to run the groomers, but to service and maintain these ...

Debate over snowmobile access in Tahoe forest turns hostile
The proposed plan is more than a decade in the making and will define which parts of the forest are open to snowmobile riding decades into the future. Snowmobile riders see the effort as a threat to future access. Matt Hamilton of Verdi said he worries new ...

Reflecting on happy memories of riding the ‘bumblebees’ out on the snow
That 1970 snowmobile cost $1,059 for my grandparents who were not ... become a dealer buying just three sleds and you'd just have to guarantee purchasing $30 in parts a year. It was something you could set up in your garage. The Sno-jet dealer was ...

Daredevil theft from Squamish adventure park has police scratching their heads
Rarely do such heists involve snowmobile parts. But that’s exactly what appears to have happened at a Squamish adventure park where someone went to great lengths to steal parts of a snowmobile that was suspended 10 metres off the ground. The centrepiece ...

CANCELED: Vintage snowmobile race attracts devotees, newbies
All snowmobiles must have been made no later than 1985. Some are in mint condition; others, called “Frankenstein sleds,” are restored with a hodge-podge of parts. Inman, who is the vice president of nonprofit Moon Country Snowbusters, will enter his ...

Federal officials ban snowmobiles in parts of Idaho forest
LEWISTON – Federal officials have released a plan for a proposed wilderness area in a northern Idaho forest that includes banning snowmobiles. Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest Supervisor Cheryl Probert decided to maintain a ban on snowmobiles in the ...

Somerset County man killed in snowmobile crash
Game wardens were assisted at the scene by members of Smithfield Fire and Delta Ambulance. The warden service cautioned snowmobile operators to be aware of icy and deteriorating trail conditions in some parts of the state.

Nissan rips up Chicago Auto Show with 370Z snowmobile
Nissan unveiled the 370Zki concept snow-car-mobile in advance of the 2018 Chicago Auto Show. Based off the 370Z Roadster, this one-off fully-functional convertible snowmobile on snow treds is made of all stock parts, except for the 3.5-inch lift kit and ...

Federal officials ban snowmobiles in parts of Idaho forest
(AP) - Federal officials have released a plan for a northern Idaho forest proposed wilderness area that includes banning snowmobiles. The Lewiston Tribune reports Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest Supervisor Cheryl Probert decided to maintain ban on ...

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