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Short Spin: 2017 Honda Grom
Honda shrank ... like the Honda Ruckus or a Vespa 125, and it gets well over 100 mpg. Sure, if you’re big, you feel silly on it at first, and the ergonomics aren’t exactly ideal. In my case, that mean...

Speeding woman in pink Honda agrees with deputy: Racing isn't good idea
When Taylor Sammons was pulled over for speeding in her pink Honda Civic, she took criticism about her driving in stride. After all, Sammons and her boyfriend just ripped through Deltona in separate H...

2010 Honda Elite Scooter First Ride
Having sampled Honda’s 50cc powerplant in its Ruckus with less-than-appreciative results ... The Elite also sports a novel anti-theft device, with a metal plate that covers the key entry and is remova...

2018 Honda Clarity Review: A Tale of Two Personalities
The Honda Clarity works well in electric-only mode ... the four-cylinder engine awakens with a ruckus that’s strikingly loud. In our testing, the car went 48 miles on electric power, almost matching t...

Two Gurugram underpasses lost roof covers during dust storm
A few roof sheets of the Hero Honda Chowk underpass were also uprooted. The repair work at Rajiv Chowk is complete. Bloom Consultants, engineer for the Rajiv Chowk underpass project, has submitted a t...

Honda discloses 5th Takata air bag-linked fatality, widens recall
10. EXPOSED TO MOISTURE Honda said the Takata air bag inflator that failed in the Malaysia accident had likely been exposed to excessive moisture at the supplier's now-shuttered plant in La Grange, Ge...

2011 Honda PCX Scooter First Look
An anti-theft deterrent ignition cover and center stand rounds ... “and now along with the 2011 Ruckus we’re introducing the brand-new PCX, a very stylish 125cc scooter that adds even more depth to Ho...

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