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News dealing with Hearse

In a final tribute, hearse carrying assistant commonwealth’s attorney pauses for 27 seconds in front of courthouse
CHATHAM — Friends and co-workers of Chad Michael Atchison recalled him as an energetic young Pittsylvania County prosecutor with a mischievous sense of humor and a bright future ahead of him. “He was funny, no matter what,” said Cassidy Padgett ...

Funeral parlour converts Simon Cowell’s old Rolls-Royce into a HEARSE – and it could be worth £440,000
The high-spec silver Phantom VII, once owned by the multi-millionaire Britain's Got Talent judge, has been converted into a custom-built hearse by A W Lymn The Family Funeral Service. The unusual transformation was recently carried out by specialist coach ...

Weekend: Hearse Show, Film Fests, Surreal Art, Dark Plays, First Jason
LOWLIFE - (June 8th & 9th) Midnight. This fast-paced, bloody, bizarre film follows an addict, an ex-con, and a luchador who fail spectacularly in an organ harvesting scheme. Cinepocalypse jury award-winning film. The Music Box Theatre, 3733 N. Southport ...

Electric-car drivers blow fuse; first hybrid hearse; new Renegade; Merc van warranty
Thank you for such a huge response to the 'diesel/petrol v electric' article last week. Lots of people criticised me for assuming an electric car couldn't cope with a 1,000km-week schedule. Several said they were doing so - charging each day (overnight and ...

War hero obsessed with tanks he fought in gets hearse that looks like one
Mike Lee was taken to his funeral in a hearse that looked like a tank (Picture: Gloucestershire News Service) A former soldier has been taken to his funeral in a hearse disguised as a tank. Mike Lee had spent 18 years working as a tank crewman in the Royal ...

Hundreds Of Officers Gather To Remember Trooper First Class Walter Greene Jr.
A Connecticut State Police motorcade escorts the motorcycle and hearse of Connecticut State Police Trooper First Class Walter Greene, a 28-year veteran of the Connecticut State Police. Greene was a first responder to the World Trade Center on Sept.

Cartoonist Carol Tyler recounts her Beatles-obsessed childhood in Chicago
In all, ideal conditions — ennui, randomness, neglect — for a cartoonist. Just add incident. A moment later, as if on cue, a blue hearse stopped in front of her house. Its front end was smashed, and a woman dressed in black, wearing a G.G. Allin T ...

Check Out This Tesla Model S Wagon From RemetzCar
RemetzCar is a Dutch company whom we already know from the previous project of the Tesla Model S hearse, for those who’d like to extend their EV experience beyond death. This new project is for those that are living and would like to very rare Model S ...

Marlow Historical Society to open new museum space to the public next month
The most prominent, placed at the far end on a raised platform several feet tall, is a black wagon with glass windows on either side that used to be the town’s summer hearse. The winter hearse, which is on a sled, and a man-pulled fire pumper remain in ...

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