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NOPD arrests 3 for Lakeview auto theft
But he's not happy about its condition. “They busted open my glove box with my screwdriver. The entire exterior is scratched, and the front bumper is gone,” Chouest explained. Surveillance video shows ...

Handgun lodges into front bumper of motorists vehicle while traveling
A lot of things can get lodged into the bumper of a vehicle while traveling down the highway, but no one could ever predict this. While a motorist was traveling down Interstate 5 in Washington state r...

How Exactly Did A Gun Get Stuck In This Guy's Front Bumper?
Last week in Lakewood, Washington, a guy driving home from work saw a black object in the air, heard a thud, and kept on driving. When he finally stopped at a gas station, he found a pistol lodged in ...

Driver finds handgun lodged in front bumper
LAKEWOOD, Wash. (AP) — Talk about gunning the engine. Authorities say a driver near Tacoma, Washington, saw an object strike the front of his car during his evening commute Wednesday. When he stopped ...

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