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How does an exhaust silencer work?
These pressure waves propagate at speed of the sound relative to the moving exhaust gas, which escapes with a high velocity producing an objectionable exhaust boom or noise. A suitably designed exhaust silencer ... resonator with centre baffle chamber ...

Here's How To Restore Your Crappy Exhaust System
Unlike stock exhausts, which only have three parts (header, mid pipe, and silencer), this Yoshimura unit consisted ... many more hours of fine sanding and polishing. The center muffler portion of the exhaust has the unique pleasure of being the lowest ...

Video: Here’s Doug DeMuro Explaining the 2018 BMW M5
Interestingly enough, he also points out that there’s an ‘exhaust’ button on the center console. We all knew about it and what it does, controlling the flaps in the rear silencer to change the car’s tune to your desires. However, what I didn’t ...

Porsche to Offer Sound-Adjustable Sport Exhaust
The new system features modified stainless-steel main silencers with internal flaps that are activated by a button on the center console. At the push of a button the exhaust will give a more “sporting” (rear, louder and more raw) sound. The system will ...

2019 KTM Motocross Lineup: First Look
The engineers put a lot of effort into developing completely reworked exhaust systems for all models ... All models are fitted with new silencers featuring reworked internal designs individually developed for each model. The plastic holder of the 2 ...

2019 KTM XC Off-Road Lineup: First Look
The engineers put a lot of effort into developing completely reworked exhaust systems for all models ... All models are fitted with new silencers featuring reworked internal designs individually developed for each model. The plastic holder of the 2 ...

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