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Bounce in a dune buggy on a sandy weekend escape to Pismo Beach
The Inn at the Pier, which opened in November, borders on luxury in a beach town where many vacationers camp or sleep in their RVs. The 104-room hotel, a block from the beach, features stylish contemporary rooms, a rooftop plunge pool, and a lobby bar and ...

A French startup is once again trying to sell a flying car to special forces
Vaylon has teamed with Sopemea, a unit of the Apave group, in an attempt to speed up the certification of its aerial dune buggy adapted for military operations. (Vaylon) PARIS — Vaylon, a French start-up, has launched a fresh bid to pitch the latest ...

A new style of IPA, with a dry sense about it, hits Pittsburgh
Darren Gailey of Larimer’s Couch Brewery is releasing a new beer Saturday, one “that we believe we are the first to brew in Pittsburgh — a brut IPA” named Dune Buggy. But Couch is being beaten to the punch by Hitchhiker Brewing Co., which at 4 p ...

Meyers Manx Kick-Out S.S. Dune Buggy
“I don’t know what I was thinking or why I was thinking it when I did it,” Bruce Meyers exhales while standing next to his Manx Kick-Out S.S. “But here it is. And here I am.” And it’s a shape—constantly copied, cloned, and ripped off—that ...

Dune buggy season has arrived and now it's about more than old Volkswagen Beetles
With weather warming up across the country, it's dune buggy season. Wherever you'll find a sand dune, or for that matter, just about any rutted trail popular with off roaders, you can expect to find a dune buggy. A dune buggy generally means a bare-bones ...

Taking the wheel on a Punta Cana excursion
"Let's Have a Blast!" read the pamphlet's front cover, which pictured a helmeted, bandanna-masked duo in a bare-bones, two-seat dune buggy (or "Boogie," in Adventure Boogies parlance). "We visit an organic co-op farm where we learn about coconut oil ...

New Red — Electric Dune Buggy (VIDEO)
A few months ago, we posted a video of the great Bruce Meyers driving one of Zelectric’s electric Volkswagen Beetles. Bruce was mostly positive about the experience, but stopped just short of endorsing the product – and now we know why: the Bruce ...

Cops seize dune buggy from Staten Island streets
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y.-- Police took to social media Friday to tout another off-road vehicle removed from Staten Island's roadways. A post on the 122nd Precinct's Twitter account showed what appeared to be a dune buggy equipped with roll-bars described as ...

Tamra Judge Thankful to Be Alive After Dune Buggy Accident While Taping Real Housewives of Orange County
This will be a birthday to remember for Eddie Judge and not in a great way. The Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge and her family and friends headed to Glamis Sand Dunes this weekend to celebrate Eddie’s 43rd birthday and it ended with ...

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