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Watch: Thieves break into auto parts store, steal tires in Far East Dallas
Dallas detectives are searching for two men who broke into an auto parts store near the border of Far East Dallas and Garland and stole three tires and other items. The men were captured on security video breaking into a store around 10 p.m. May 20 in the ...

Big fire at auto-parts supplier drags down U.S. industrial production in May
American manufacturers are pumping out the goods as the economy begins its 10th year of expansion. Although industrial production fell in May, it’s up strongly over the past year. The numbers: Industrial production fell in May for the first time in four ...

Trump Admin. Explores Tariffs On Autos & Auto Parts
The Trump administration launched an investigation into whether tariffs are needed on the imports of automobiles into the United States, moving swiftly as talks over the North American Free Trade Agreement have stalled. President Donald Trump predicted ...

Summer storms drop flooding rain in parts of Alabama
A flash flood warning will be in effect until 6 p.m. for parts of the Birmingham metro area. The water is piling up in some of the suburbs. The National Weather Service in Birmingham got a report of a water rescue from a car in Homewood as strong ...

Wilton Looney Stuck With Genuine Parts for 80 Years as Employee, CEO, Director Emeritus
He grew up on what he described as a one-mule cotton farm in Georgia and never went to college. At age 19, he joined Genuine Parts Co., an Atlanta-based auto-parts distributor. The company’s founder, Carlyle Fraser, saw potential. When Mr. Looney joined ...

818C kit car packed with Tesla and Volt components is a drag racer's dream
All of the electrical powertrain parts talk to each other through the company's T1-C ... and a set of JDM-spec STI spindles were fitted to the car, as were the larger brakes that come with them. The finished product is a sporty looking silent track assassin.

U.S. Auto Makers Are Putting Small Engines Into Big Trucks So They Guzzle Less Gas
They include greater use of turbochargers that recycle exhaust energy and lightweight materials, said Sujit Jain, who heads the North American engine and passenger car business at German parts supplier Robert Bosch GmbH. "You can get everything you want ...

Learn how to detail a car so you don’t end up with a dumpster on wheels
Car cleaning products are available from a wide variety of places. You can buy them at auto parts stores like Auto Zone, at nearly every major grocery store, or online from an endless list of vendors. We recommend picking up a dedicated car-wash product ...

Auto Parts Manufacturers Are Hurt By Tariffs, Rising Metal Prices
The Trump administration says its tariffs on steel and aluminum are all about protecting American companies and American jobs. But that is not how it's playing out in the automotive industry. Many small auto parts manufacturers are feeling pain from these ...

Fire at parts supplier for Ford trucks drags down U.S. industrial production in May
The numbers: Industrial production fell in May for the first time in four months, but the drop-off was largely the result of a major fire at an auto-parts supplier for Ford F, -0.08% trucks instead any weakness in the U.S. economy. Industrial production in ...

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