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Ford issues two recalls for trucks, SUVs for fuel, brake issues
Some parts between the brake master cylinder and hydraulic control unit might be missing an anti-corrosion plating. If that's the case, a metal band on the hose might corrode and cause a brake fluid leak. A leak in the system can reduce braking power ...

Ford Issues Two Recalls for Fuel Pumps, Brake Hose Protection
A handful of Ford vehicles are subject to two new recalls surrounding fuel pumps and brake hose corrosion protection. The automaker announced on Wednesday that the 2018 Ford F-150, Expedition, and Lincoln Navigator are all affected by the fuel pump qualm.

Ford recalls 2018 F-150, F-650, F-750 trucks over fuel pump, brake defects
... second recall includes approximately 1,500 2018 Ford F-650 and F-750 vehicles with hydraulic brake systems for missing brake hose corrosion protection plating. On the affected vehicles, some primary and/or secondary brake circuit hose assemblies ...

Disc Brake Conversion for Your 1963-1964 Vette
In addition to the disc brake kit, we used a Wilwood brake line kit to connect the hard lines to the calipers. After bolting the components into place, we bled the brakes, and installed the wheels. On the first test drive it is important to properly bed ...

Peugeot 508 Shooting Brake Is Your 1/10 Price Ferrari
You've got those long, barely interrupted lines, that flowing roof, and the tiger-claw Peugeot taillights. Who knew French cars could be so manly?! Good job, X-Tomi Design. Speaking of being manly, we're not sure what a shooting brake is for, considering ...

I Had A Look Around The Tesla Model S Shooting Brake And It’s Pretty Cool
De Raadt is a big fan of shooting brakes—longroof cars that traditionally have two ... the chrome accents and ducting help the new detail stand out, while horizontal lines appear to take some weight out of it. It looks pretty special, especially the ...

My car does not brake on time
An attempt to do this manually will have some degree of success but risks damaging the new seals or building vacuum in the brake lines which prevents prompt buildup of brake fluid hydraulic pressure. This is probably the case in your situation. Find a ...

Hose-making company hits back in war of words with Bradley Park protestors
Aflex Hose which has produced brake hoses or fuel pipes for more than 10 million vehicles is wanting to move from Calderdale to Kirklees. Its headquarters are currently at Sowerby Bridge with two other factories in Brighouse. The fourth site is in Elland.

All the bike safety checks you never realised you should be making - from tyres to brakes to bolts
The 32 point inspection includes: Frame, saddle & handlebar Wheels; including tyres, rims, spokes and hubs Brake system; including levers, calipers, pads and cables / hoses Drivetrain; including gears, levers, chain, bottom bracket, cranks and cables Bike ...

Feds: Tesla accelerated, didn't brake ahead of fatal crash
The National Transportation Safety Board, in a preliminary report on the March 23 crash, also said that data shows the Model X SUV did not brake or try to steer around ... "gore area" that is marked with white lines and divides the freeway lanes from ...

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