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Disc Brake Conversion for Your 1963-1964 Vette
Drum brakes have a bad reputation, and they’re usually the first things to hit the swap meet pile. Early C2 Corvettes were only available with drum brakes, but they worked adequately, thanks to larger drums and a lightweight car compared to other ...

Some 2019 International LT tractors recalled for brake issue
The affected trucks are equipped with feature codes 29WAY, 504312 and 504455. In these tractors, the lightweight brake drums with slack adjusters may drag against the brakes, causing the drums to overheat. In the case of a drum overheating, the drum could ...

How Formula 1 teams coped with Canadian Grand Prix brake demands
Extra difficulty comes from the fact that in recent years the brake duct and drum designs have become increasingly more complex, as teams try to balance the needs of brake cooling with closed channel effects that improve aerodynamic performance.

Why Are Disc Brakes Better Than Drum Brakes In Motorcycles
With the advent of new technology, motorcycles are getting more powerful and faster. Gone are the days when people used to buy a bike to just commute from point A to B. Now, customers look for performance when buying a motorcycle. With the increase in ...

Global Truck Drum Brake Market Business Strategies: Brembo S.p.A., Knorr-Bremse AG, Nissin Kogyo
Research report global Truck Drum Brake market extracts the most crucial facet of the Truck Drum Brake market and represents them in the form of an extensive and cohesive document. The Truck Drum Brake report findings have been procured through an ...

Research report explores the global disc brakes market forecast to 2023
The most prominent difference between a disc brake and a drum brake is that in a drum brake, friction is created using a brake shoe whereas, in a disc brake the same is created using brake pads. In order to stop a vehicle, the brake pads are pressed ...

TECH TUESDAY: How teams cope with ‘brake killer’ Canada
The brake discs on an F1 car are manufactured in carbon fibre as ... For Montreal the cooling holes in the drum surrounding the disc are opened out and the arrangement of the Brembo disc’s cooling holes is changed. There is a greater area of un-drilled ...

GUD Holdings to buy all Disc Brakes Australia shares
DBA operates in the automotive aftermarket through supplying a range of disc brake rotors, brake drums and disc brake pads. Disc Brakes Australia was originally established by the Joseph family and it markets its products and services under the DBA brand.

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