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(2) OEM GM Parking Brake Component/Parking Brake Spring Packages *FREE SHIPPING* cheap
(2) OEM GM Parking Brake Component/Parking Brake Spring Packages *FREE SHIPPING*
$ 24.99
Low priced (2) OEM GM Parking Brake Component/Parking Brake Spring Packages *FREE SHIPPING* buy

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1962-1974 Mopar Blackout Series Power Brake Booster Kit, Wilwood Master Cylinder
These components are a must when upgrading to disc brakes and come completely assembled, ready to install. Convert from manual brakes to power Brakes on A-, B-, and E-body cars. Modifications are required on factory power brake cars. The kit includes ...

Weekend Project: Build your own budget-friendly electric bicycle for under $500
We’ll discuss both of these components in more detail below ... plus a few other accessories such as displays, gauges, fancy brake levers, etc., depending on the kit. This specific electric bicycle conversion kit is a good quality, budget kit that ...

What is a disc brake? PH Explains
The other two key components are the brake caliper, which contains hydraulically actuated ... These offer several benefits, including being easier to package and improved ride and handling - because the brakes are no longer bolted to and part of the ...

2018 Mustang GT Performance Package vs Performance Package Level 2
Currently, the Performance Package includes a host of brake and suspension goodies to help better put ... stayed long after the work day was over to create this culmination of parts that all work cohesively that sum up to one dangerous threat for the ...

Boost Adaptors To Keep Your Old Kit Future-Proofed
If you don't have a 110x20mm Boost DH hub, the brake caliper attached to new DH Boost fork wont contact the disk rotor. At HxR Components we have a solution! The universal DH Boost kit. - 2 spacers 6061T6 black anodized and engraved for the hub - 1 spacer ...

Olive Green 2018 Porsche 911 GT3 Touring Package Begs for a Getaway in Stockholm
And the latest sighting of the kind involves an Olive Green 2018 Porsche 911 GT3 Touring Package that ... steel brakes, LED headlights in silver, and full bucket seats. PTS Tourings are starting to emerge in parts of Europe, so keep your eyes peeled ...

Montague Allston bike preview: ‘Performance and portability in one package’
The Montague Allston is here to prove that good looks, great performance and portability can all exist in one tidy package. Instead of dish-sized ... Wide tyres and hydraulic disc brakes mean it can master all that a pot-holed city street will throw ...

Check Out Ford PH’s Cost of Ownership Scheduled Service Maintenance Packages
In March, Ford Philippines announced that the cost of ownership of the Ford EcoSport, Ford Everest, and Ford Ranger will go down by as much as 20 percent come April as it rolls out its new Scheduled Maintenance Service package. Well, Ford Philippines has ...

Subaru BRZ tS v Toyota 86 GTS with Performance Kit comparison review
Subaru: This is where the new performance parts come into play ... The other new element of the Performance Kit/tS package are the brakes. The new stoppers are 326mm x 30mm ventilated front rotors and 316mm x 20mm rotors at the rear, with the front ...

Parts Rack: Cool new products for your 4x4
Each kit includes a pair of bolt-on 6-inch strut spacers, CNC-machined extended steering knuckles, CV spacers, brake line brackets, sway bar relocation brackets, rear leaf spring blocks, and other necessary hardware. No drivetrain modifications are ...

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