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Disc Brake Conversion for Your 1963-1964 Vette
7. With the backing plate removed, now is a good time to use some brake cleaner and a wire brush to clean the spindle. After a thorough scrubbing, we masked off the area the wheel bearings make contact with and gave the spindle a fresh coat of paint.

Car drives into Boardman dry cleaners
A seamstress at Dutchess Cleaners is used to customers approaching the counter ... Police believe the woman mistook the accelerator for the brake as she pulled into a parking spot. A customer at the counter was trapped between the car, counter and wall ...

Car hits Boardman dry cleaners in Route 224 plaza
Officials say a woman was attempting to park in the spaces in front of Dutchess Cleaners a short distance from the intersection of 224 and South Avenue. First responders say the woman hit the accelerator, rather than the brake pedal and went through the ...

CRC Industries Releases New CRC Brakleen Pro Series Brake Parts Cleaners
CRC Industries Inc., a global supplier of specialty chemicals for maintenance and repair professionals and DIYers, has introduced the new CRC BRAKLEEN Pro Series Brake Parts Cleaners. BRAKLEEN, an aerosol brake parts cleaner, was developed in 1971.

Here's How To Change Your Car's Brakes All By Yourself
You can now remove the wheels. Now is also a great time to clean your wheels of all brake dust. I used a Wagner Steam Cleaner and some Simple Green degreaser: There should be 2 12mm or 14mm bolts on the caliper. Remove them and the caliper should be able ...

Kia shakes up Ceed family
Besides giving the latest-generation model advanced safety technology, a cleaner diesel engine and a better ride, Kia will add new variants. The Ceed's five-door hatchback and wagon versions will be joined by a sporty so-called “shooting brake” wagon.

Get your road or mountain bike ride-ready with our top-notch tuning guide
Start with the chain — there are manychain-specific cleaners on the market and most chain lubes double ... Start by checking your brake pads for excessive use and evaluating your cables for stretching. Disc brakes have pads that wear down over time ...

UPDATE | Car strikes dry cleaners building in Boardman
BOARDMAN — A seamstress at Dutchess Cleaners on Boardman-Poland Road was standing at ... They believe she was pulling into a parking spot when she hit the accelerator instead of the brake.

Learn how to detail a car so you don’t end up with a dumpster on wheels
Cleaner wipes work wonders on the dashboard ... Always use a separate sponge for the wheels. They are covered in brake dust and other residues which you want to keep off the rest of the car. Don’t forget to clean your tires, too. Hose the car down ...

State aims for air-friendly shaving gel, brake cleaner
The state Department of Environmental Protection has already gone under the hood of your car and into the inner workings of industry to ferret out disease-causing air pollution. Now the state's nose for noxious gasses is sniffing at your garage and the ...

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