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3 hurt in crash that flips ambulance in North Salem
3 hurt in crash that flips ambulance in North Salem Croton Falls Fire and North Salem Police dispatched to accident. Check out this story on

Queensland Ambulance unit vandalised and taken out of service for hours
An ambulance has been taken off the road in a “senseless act” of vandalism, leading to an “overwhelming” community response to clean it. Queensland Ambulance shared pictures of the graffiti in a viral Facebook post on Saturday, asking, “Where has ...

Ambulance crashes while responding to Sacramento crash
An ambulance crashed Friday night while responding to the scene of a two-vehicle crash in Midtown, the Sacramento Fire Department said. Two people injured in the crash with the ambulance were taken to the hospital because of complaints of pain, the fire ...

3 Hurt In Ambulance, Car Collision Sunday
NORTH SALEM, NY — Three people were injured Sunday in North Salem when a North Salem Volunteer Ambulance Corps ambulance collided with a car and turned over. The crash happened around 1 p.m. closing the intersection of Hardscrabble and Daniel roads near ...

Maricopa Ambulance taps EMS veteran to lead administrative services and communications
Maricopa Ambulance hired Joe Gibson as director of administrative services and communications. He's not related to Bryan Gibson, who founded the company after leaving his COO position with Scottsdale-based Rural/Metro Corp., which is now owned by Greenwood ...

Video: Ambulance accident in North Salem
Video: Ambulance accident in North Salem A North Salem ambulance collided with a car at the intersection of Hardscrabble Rd and Daniel Rd in North Salem June 17, 2018. Check out this story on ...

3 people injured in ambulance crash
Three people were injured after an ambulance flipped following a crash in Westchester County Sunday. Authorities say the ambulance rolled over on Hardscrabble Road. It collided with a Honda Accord that was traveling east as the emergency vehicle pulled out ...

Brush ambulance building sold to North Platte and Beaver Canal Company
Originally put on auction in May, the old Brush ambulance building is now finding itself a new use. At the last meeting of the Board of Morgan County Commissioners, county leaders awarded a bid of $62,550 to North Platte and Beaver Canal Company for ...

Weymouth's new ambulance service says it's ready to take over next month
WEYMOUTH — South Shore Health System officials say they’re ready to take over as the town’s ambulance service provider next month with four new ambulances and a paramedic SUV, 60 additional employees and four dispatchers who will work out of the ...

Ambulance crash victim was trying to 'right a wrong,' family says
Friends, family and fellow volunteers are mourning 19-year-old Elizabeth Boyd, who died in a vehicle crash near Haines Junction on Wednesday. Colin O'Neil, chief of the Mount Lorne volunteer fire department, had known Boyd for years. She had joined ...

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