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AGV AX-8 Dual Helmet Review
I ordered a Medium and it fit well with no break-in required. The shell uses what AGV calls “SSL layering” which is a stratification process of carbon, Kevlar and fiberglass for light weight and incre...

FIM Announces New Helmet Safety Standard
FIM Announces New Helmet Safety Standard – The FIM recently announced the launch ... starting with Circuit Racing in 2019. The helmet response to medium severity oblique impacts, among others, will be ...

Review: AGV Corsa Velocity Helmet
Top-tier racing helmet adapted for everyday use on the street. Top-tier racing helmet adapted for everyday use on the street. Home Mail Search News Cricket Movies Lifestyle Celebrity Mobile Answers Gr...

The New ICON Airframe Pro Is The Lightest Mass Produced Helmet On The Market
The new ICON Airframe Pro was built with one mission in mind: be the best helmet that ICON, or anyone else, has ever made. While that sounds like quite a challenge, keeping the weight of a medium down ...

AGV Sport Moda Ladies Leather Jacket Review
Sizing’s a touch small because the Moda in medium is a little smaller ... the back of the neck and supports my helmet at times. It’s no mystery that girls like to carry a lot of stuff with them and th...

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