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Numerous components of a vehicle are subject to natural wear and tear. Elements such as electrics, parts of the bodywork or drive parts are subjected to high loads during ongoing driving operations. It is therefore necessary to replace them over time. This guide shows you which car replacement and repair parts you can buy on eBay. In addition, he provides you with the individual spare components a few important tips for purchasing.

What is to be considered when buying the spare parts?

Before we get closer to the individual spare parts and repair parts for cars, we will explain to you what you need to pay particular attention to when shopping. The components of each vehicle differ according to vehicle-specific characteristics. These can even be different for a brand. Therefore, if you buy replacement and repair parts over the Internet, you should keep the data on your vehicle ready. It is best to refer to the vehicle registration or the manual for your vehicle. Look carefully in the product descriptions for which models and which year the repair parts are suitable. Frequently, there are also limitations. In some cases, you will also receive universal parts for specific areas in vehicle construction, which can be installed independently of the brand, but this is rarely the case.

Drive, engine and gearbox – complex range from gasket to complete engines

The drive, engine & transmission area is one of the most complex categories in the field of replacement and repair parts. In addition to simple seals for the oil pan, the cylinder head or the valve covers, complete engines and transmissions are also offered here. In addition to new engines and gearboxes, you will also find used variants, which are significantly cheaper. Here, however, you should ensure that the parts have been professionally reprocessed. Also the mileage of the used part is decisive. This way you save not only money but also the environment. Other spare parts in this category refer to the following areas:

  • Cooling the engine
  • Spare and repair parts for the air and fuel supply
  • Toothed belts and V-belts
  • Parts for the drive such as axle collars, drive shafts or cardan shafts
  • clutches
  • Filters for oil, pollen and fuel

Exhaust systems consist of several components – an overview

The exhaust or exhaust system of a car leads the exhaust gases of the internal combustion engine to the outside. In addition, it is responsible for the damping of the pressure surges. In conventional ottomotors, it consists of the following components:

Small motors are an exception. Here, the exhaust manifold passes directly into the final silencer. This is the case, for example, with mopeds. When buying an exhaust system, you should pay attention not only to the precision of your vehicle, but also to the E-mark. This sign indicates whether the system is also approved for road traffic. If the symbol is missing, you must have it registered at the TÜV. Attention: This supplement is subject to charges.

Car electrics: The vehicle is useless without cable and power supply

In the meantime, several kilometers of cables have been installed in modern vehicles for the car electrics. Without the heart – the battery – the car would not even start. For the supply of the electrical loads, on the other hand, the alternator is responsible, for which there are also suitable lighting controllers in this category. Components such as control units, starters or cable trees are also indispensable in the vehicles. Other extras are also available.

Not mandatory, but practical is a heater. In the winter, it ensures that the driver can save himself the annoying ice-skating of the windows. In addition, the heater saves the engine, since it does not have to start cold. Practical extras are also alarm systems, reversing warning lights and parking aids as well as cruise control. They are mainly used for safety and driving comfort.

Brake parts: buy brake discs, pads and complete sets for the car

The brakes of a car are among the most important safety components. Above all, brake discs and pads are constantly exposed to high loads. They are subject to natural wear and tear and must be renewed from time to time. The brake components also include control units and hydraulic blocks for the anti-lock braking system (ABS). In addition, you can also purchase brake boosters, wheel brake cylinders and brake hoses individually. However, if you are looking for a complete brake, you should look for brake kits. When buying, make sure that the brake parts are suitable for your vehicle. In addition, the installation location is also of great importance here. It makes a difference whether the brake is installed for a specific vehicle front or rear. This also applies to the individual components.

Suspension and shock absorbers: cushioning of bumps and unevenness

To compensate uneven roads, the vehicle is equipped with a series of springs and shock absorbers. The suspension and shock absorber range not only includes shock absorbers and shock absorbers but also the matching spring strut bearings. These use over time and must be exchanged. In addition to the items, you also have the opportunity to buy matching sets. Pay attention to the installation location and if the springs and dampers are compatible with your car. After tire, steering and the brakes, the shock absorber is one of the central components of a vehicle.

Inspection kits – Filter kits and measuring devices for your car

Even if it is not a matter of repair parts, inspection kits and kits are also part of the spare parts. Here you will find diagnostic devices for reading errors. Also sets with different filters count to this area. The sets contain filters for oil, the interior and against pollen as well as for the fuel. Partially, oil and spark plug sets for certain brands and models also belong to this category.

Body parts: from the outside mirror to the complete bonnet

The parts of the body can also be affected by an accident or wear. In addition to small parts such as exterior mirrors, door handles and emblems such as the Mercedes star or the BMW emblem for the bonnet, the car body parts also include larger body parts for spare parts. These include:

But also locks or sliding roofs with the corresponding folding roof or sliding roof motors are available. If you find the right spare part for you, you can save yourself expensive repairs and repainting.

Air conditioning ensures a pleasant climate in summer and winter

Air conditioning systems are now an indispensable component in modern vehicles. In the hot summer months, it provides cooling and also helps to prevent windows from fogging in winter. Apart from the condensers, the spare parts also include the climate compressors. Also here it is important to buy exactly the right repair parts for your car. This allows you to quickly and easily solve a fault in the air conditioning system.

Steering and axle suspension: Damage can be quickly remedied by suitable spare parts

In the category of spare and repair parts for the car you will also find parts for the steering and axle suspension. The axle suspension parts include, for example, transverse links, wheel bearings and stabilizers. When purchasing these parts, make sure not only which brands and models are suitable, but also where the installation location is. When steering and axle suspension, it is very important whether these are installed on the left, right, front or rear. In the case of the steering parts, however, a distinction is made between steering gears, tie rods and servo pumps.

Lights: Tips for replacing and retrofitting

The lighting of a car plays an important role in road safety. However, it is not limited to front lights and rear lights, but also refers to indicators, fog lamps and license plate lights. In the category Lights & Lighting you will also find everything about Halogen and & Xenon lamps in general. With these spare parts, it is even possible to replace the lighting not only in the event of a defect, but also to upgrade it. For example, xenon and LED luminaires are popular due to their brightness and LEDs because of their economical consumption. In principle almost all vehicles can be retrofitted to the new technology. However, in some cases, it may be necessary to retrofit certain parts in the vehicle. For this purpose, a scrubbing disk cleaning system could be included, which is also known under the designation headlamp washing system. In addition, when automatic conversion to xenon is required, an automatic lighting control is also necessary.

Please ensure that the conversion kits comply with the applicable regulations. Buy the lamps only from well-established brand manufacturers. Here, you should pay attention to the general operating license (ABE) and a test mark. If these are not available, in the worst case the insurance cover for your car could become invalid. Beforehand, consider whether the expensive retrofitting in the specialist workshop is worthwhile in the long run.

Windshield cleaning: new wipers for clear visibility

After all, products and spare parts for the cleaning of the windows belong to the assortment. In addition to the wiper arms of the windshield wipers, you will also find the suitable wiper motors and wash water nozzles & pumps. These repair parts ensure a clear view. In the case of the windshield wipers some models also distinguish between wiper arms for the front and the rear. Here, too, select the wiper arms according to brand, model and platform.

Whether it is time for new windshield wipers, you will notice that the windscreen smudges after each wiping process. Worn wipers pull streaks and prevent a clear view. You can choose from inexpensive universal wipes. They only need to be adjusted in size and replace the old wiping lips. Somewhat more expensive, but one hundred per cent fit are complete new wipers. Again, there are differences between standard models and windshield wipers for sports vehicles with spoilers.

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