Lost progress…

So I was playing Minecraft earlier today on my single player survival world and came across an issue I’m hoping there is a solution to. I built a portal in a strong hold to connect said stronghold to my nether hub.

After going through this portal I came out in a new portal in the correct corresponding nether coordinates. I then went back through my main portal to my base. At this point everything was normal and I didn’t really notice anything odd. I grabbed resources from my base to connect the portal to the rest of the nether hub.

So I built out my normal tunnel from the main portal and once I got to the point where the new portal was/should have been, there was no portal to be seen. At first I thought I was in the wrong area and checked all my notes for the coordinates. I was where I was supposed to be. I was disappointed that I would have to rebuild the portal but didn’t think much of the glitch or whatever issue this is.

I went back to my base to grab some more obsidian and there were no issues in the overworld yet. So I grabbed the obsidian and went back to the nether. When I got there the tunnel I had built was gone and it appeared as though the progress I had made in the nether over the past 20ish minutes was gone.

This time I was really put off as I noticed it was not a one time issue, so I took to reddit and the internet to see if anyone had any similar problems, I found one issue back in 1.12 where someone had a very similar issue but it appeared to be a bug that has since been patched. Again I was a bit annoyed and decided that I would take to reddit as I have done now. Before this however I returned to the overworld to sort of “pack up” before logging off and when I returned to the overworld I noticed that some of the progress I had there over the past 2ish hours was gone. This has me extremely perplexed and I’m hoping to find someone who has had a similar issue or knows how to fix it.

It might need to be noted that I had been playing for 3-4 hours and hadn’t saved the world for a long while, the progress I lost wasn’t since the last time I saved the world and I couldn’t figure out what event would have happened for all my progress since the last 1-2 hours to disappear

Nvidia SLI with Optifine and SEUS shader pack

I have noticed that many people are asking about using SLI with shaders such as SEUS. Many will reply with “java does not work with SLI”. That is simply not true at all. Java is simply a programming language just like any other one used by a AAA games with SLI support. In the end it’s just a machine code for a CPU. The SLI depends on implementation of the shaders and the drivers, not on the language. If you don’t know how it works, don’t tell people that it can’t be done. I am so tired of people replying to similar questions with “nope” without having a single clue about it.

With no SLI enabled, I was getting around 40-50 FPS at 4K resolution. GPU-Z reported that my first GPU was running at 98% and the second one at 0%.

With SLI enabled and with 4K resolution, I was getting 60 FPS and both GPUs were running at around 50-60% each. I am glad that my single GPU is not running at 90 degrees and instead both of them on comfortable 60 degrees.

Minecraft 1.14 planned for release on April 23rd!

Cool, I’ll be updating the second it comes out. Probably the only advantage to running a vanilla server. I’ll move back to Paper when it catches up and eat any performance loss until then.

I’m a pretty new Minecraft server admin and I’m running vanilla. I haven’t been through an update yet, but on all the servers I’ve ever played on the admins end up resetting the world. I’ve read about the update process, but do you have to regen a new world to get the new environmental elements?

It has been several years for me and am getting back into server hosting. Will Bukkit and plugins immediately work with the new version, or do we have to wait for a new Bukkit version? I remember in the past, we had to wait.