MC mobile admin


MC mobile admin

Can I ask a Question? Can you be on your Minecraft server all the time? It seems like the people on my server always want me on!

I just can stay on my computer the whole time! I have to go to work, I have to spend time with real friends! I have many things I need to do, other then minecraft!

This is where MC mobile admin, you can add this to tablet or Mobile Phone! And take your server anywhere you go! (well most of it) you can watch chat live! (and chat live, it will show you as the user you put into the config!

You can give users items of different amounts, Op people, or De-Op! Kick or Ban someone (very handy Feature) Personal message anyone, see all the online players, you can get a dyn-map on it to see where everyone on your server is!

Also you can change the time to day or night , get the widget for your phone to show how many players, what time of day and and easy access to console! You can also run a command as console, this tool is very handy if your server might get taken over from you, by a hacker and your de-oped, you can just deop with console and op your self, then undo the griefing (if you have a plugin like core protect (I recommend a de-griefing plugin like this) or logblock) if you don't have a un-griefing tool, GET ONE NOW!

Although im not sure if this is available on Apple products (since I'm a android/windows kinda guy) this works great on my Pantech breakout, and my brother tried it on his tablet (also android) and it works great, (yes I have a android tablet) gonna install it on my tablet soon!