Lost progress


Lost progress

So I was playing Minecraft earlier today on my single player survival world and came across an issue I'm hoping there is a solution to. I built a portal in a strong hold to connect said stronghold to my nether hub.

After going through this portal I came out in a new portal in the correct corresponding nether coordinates. I then went back through my main portal to my base. At this point everything was normal and I didn't really notice anything odd. I grabbed resources from my base to connect the portal to the rest of the nether hub.

So I built out my normal tunnel from the main portal and once I got to the point where the new portal was/should have been, there was no portal to be seen. At first I thought I was in the wrong area and checked all my notes for the coordinates. I was where I was supposed to be. I was disappointed that I would have to rebuild the portal but didn't think much of the glitch or whatever issue this is.

I went back to my base to grab some more obsidian and there were no issues in the overworld yet. So I grabbed the obsidian and went back to the nether. When I got there the tunnel I had built was gone and it appeared as though the progress I had made in the nether over the past 20ish minutes was gone.

This time I was really put off as I noticed it was not a one time issue, so I took to reddit and the internet to see if anyone had any similar problems, I found one issue back in 1.12 where someone had a very similar issue but it appeared to be a bug that has since been patched. Again I was a bit annoyed and decided that I would take to reddit as I have done now. Before this however I returned to the overworld to sort of “pack up” before logging off and when I returned to the overworld I noticed that some of the progress I had there over the past 2ish hours was gone. This has me extremely perplexed and I'm hoping to find someone who has had a similar issue or knows how to fix it.

It might need to be noted that I had been playing for 3-4 hours and hadn't saved the world for a long while, the progress I lost wasn't since the last time I saved the world and I couldn't figure out what event would have happened for all my progress since the last 1-2 hours to disappear