Instant Structures by JasonOnce minecraft


Instant Structures by JasonOnce minecraft

This is an amazing minecraft mod developed by JasonOnce. 8 Instant Structures by JasonOnce helps you create a tower, house, villa and lots more. You can create any structure you want with this instant creation for example a cool castle, complete with stairs and chests.

Go ahead and download 8 Instant Structures Mod and build 8 Instant Structures. It is time to turn your dreams in to a reality and you can build every single building in your minecraft world. Spend interesting hours building huge structures or just filling up your inventory with loads of creative blocks. Go ahead and create your own towns and cities. How about a small house with farming area complete with water and seeds or a grand mansion with all the luxuries you want. Place the blocks and have fun unleashing your creativity. These creatively designed structures will save you time and resources in the creative worlds and help in your survival.


• Farm
• Nether house
• Steleton Spawner
• Tower
• Armoury
• Zombie spawner
• Villa
• Castle

The recipes for these buildings are simple and the constructions are quick. Within no time, you can build a complete city with different combinations of the option of eight buildings introduced with the mod. However, the mod is currently usable on single player maps and there is no indication for multiplayer support from the modder.

Installation for 8 Instant Structures by JasonOnce Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7 :

1. Set up ModLoader
2. Download the mod files
3. Reach the start menu to open up the run dialog box
4. Type in %appdata% and press enter
5. Open the .minecraft/bin folder and then the minecraft.jar file.
6. Remove the META-INF folder
7. Close Minecraft.jar
8. Now follow the minecraft/mods folder and copy the zip file of the mod over here
9. Start playing your game!