Core Protect Minecraft Plugin


Core Protect Minecraft Plugin

Today I'll be talking about a minecraft plugin called core protect, I will be telling you the good parts and the bad parts! Pros and cons, and several other facts you might want to know!

First of all, “what is core protect” core protect is a anti-griefing or better yet a de-griefing plugin, because this plugin (once installed) tracks every block destroyed and every tnt that was blown up and when and by who!

Let me tell you a story, On my server  I had a plugin guy named steve, he helped out a lot but as time went on Steve kept doing things that annoyed me (antares), he would op his friends and build random things all over! Luckily I decided to get a de-griefing plugin I want to plugins like eagle eyes or logblock, but I had a problem, I was having trouble with MySql (required on the other plugins(ill explain more later)) so I found core protect, with no MySql I found what I was looking for! I tested it out, and went to work one day and came back to my server and found that my Spawn area had been blown up along with many other places on my server, ARGH that made me so mad!

But with core protect the commands I used to get it all back were,

1./co inspect or /co I then you click a block or place a block to see all transactions, with this command I found that Steve and his Cousin Sighn had done the damage!

2./co rollback t:10h r:100 (the T stands for time)(the R stands for Radius)(The H for hour, and D can be used for Day, and so on)

So with just a little bit of time I had undid all the damage and banned the parties involved! PROBLEM SOLVED!

For the final bit here ill explain one reason I choose core protect over logblock. In one word, MySql!

if you have a MySql logblock might be for you, but at the time I didn't have one and didn't want to pay for one! So I found core protect! AND NOW I LOVE THIS PLUGIN!