Which car hoist is right for my workshop?

lift/hoist for cars in a workshop

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Whether it is a hobbyist or a car repair shop: if you want to repair cars or motorcycles, you need a good car lift. It could even be described as a central workplace in all car parks. But at home, you can also benefit from a car hoist, such as a smaller scissor lift. Many repairs can only be carried out when the underbody is freely accessible or the wheels are relieved.
The drive of lifting platforms is electromotive or hydraulic. There are hoist with a centrally located pressure cylinder and 2-post car lift, which lift the car sideways by means of electric spindles on four adjustable trays. In addition, there are the 4 post car hoist, which are driven over two ramps and lift the entire vehicle by means of a hydraulic cable pull system. However, the tires remain on the ramp so that, for example, axle measurements can be carried out.

2-post car lifts

For example, the 2-post lift from Twin Busch is particularly often sold at Ebay. This lifting platform is ideal as a beginner model. It has a payload of 4200 kg and is sent incl. Test book and heavy load anchor. This lifting platform has a manual release and has a height-adjustable turntable. With the flat overhead plate of only 35 mm in height and the height-adjustable turntable, everything can be lifted from the smart to the transporter. This is due, among other things, to the E-motor in industrial quality. The powerful hydraulic unit has an aluminum pump and an overpressure safety valve.
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Scissor lifts

The cost-effective alternative to lifting devices such as column car lifts. With the scissor lift platform, for example, repairs to the wheel brakes or a tire change can be done much easier and faster than with a car jack. With a mobile short-stroke scissor lift stage like the KHB-1000E with 3 tons load capacity of Weber, the lifting and lowering can be done fully automatically by the push of a button. By means of the deflection, a powerful lifting is also ensured if the lifting platform is completely lowered. With a lifting height of max. 1000 mm, a drive-over height of 110 mm and a mobile kit to move the lifting platform, they have a tool for professionals who are on the road or at home for the hobby screwdriver.
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Motorcycle liftsWhat height do I need for a lift?

For a 2-post or 4-post lift, you should have a height of 4 meters above the top of the columns. This is so important because they may not know which vehicles they want to lift.

A tutorial to build a garage with 2-posts lifts

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