Which car battery is the best?

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Function, the most common questions and tips: Find suitable and cheap starter batteries for each car

Car batteries – without you running, or drives nothing. They are officially called starter battery, but are also found under the terms vehicle battery or car battery. All terms stand for an accumulator, which among other things produces the energy for the starter. They also supply power to the blower, window opener and power steering. In addition, the battery is used as an energy source during driving in an electric motor.
If a combustion engine is started, very high current intensities of 100 to 1000 amperes are generated for a short time. So the battery must do this even in icy temperatures, therefore, below tips to protect a battery from cold.
For passenger car and truck starter batteries, capacity, weight and dimensions differ. Thus a truck battery usually has 24 V and a passenger car battery 12 V.
In cars with start-stop automatic, normal batteries are often overwhelmed by frequent starting procedures. Therefore, EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) and AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) accumulators were developed for these cars.

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Car battery: What is plus and minus? What is mass?

The positive pole of a car battery is often marked with a (red) plus sign, the minus pole with a (blue) minus sign. The negative pole is also referred to as ground. This pole is electrically connected to the car body in most cars.
This is particularly important in the case of start-up assistance. The negative pole must be connected to the negative terminal and the positive terminal to the positive terminal. In addition, when changing the battery, always first disconnect the negative terminal and connect it to the last terminal to avoid short circuits.

Which type of battery is the right one?

You will find all the information you need for the right car battery using the ETN (European Type Number). This is on their old battery. Only with the help of this number are they on the safe side, because there are many different starter batteries.
Batteries have a cold start current value of 200-850 A. High-quality batteries are available at 550-680 A, but favorable models only at 360 A. The following capacities (measured in amperes (Ah)) should be used with a 12 V battery:

  • Small car not under 36 Ah
  • Compact car not under 50 Ah
  • Medium-class cars not under 70 Ah
  • And upper class cars not under 90 Ah

In general, it is no problem to use a slightly larger one instead of the old 55 Ah car battery, if this is not expressly stated in the papers.
There are three models: the classic lead-acid battery, the AGM battery (for motor boats, motorcycles and co) and the EFB battery, which have a faster charging and discharging function.

How to dispose of the old car battery? Who is taking back batteries?

Starter batteries are usually lead-acid accumulators, ie the electrodes consist of lead or lead bonds and are poisonous. In addition, the sulfuric acid contained in the battery is highly corrosive. A burst battery (for example after an accident) should only be touched with gloves. When transporting a car battery, make sure that the battery can not fall over, otherwise it could leak.
If you want to dispose of a battery, you should do so through the dealer or a workshop, because it belongs to the hazardous waste. These are also used by recycling centers. In addition, they receive a receipt, which they can hand with the purchase slip from the dealer where the battery was purchased, so they receive a disposal deposit.

How can I protect my car battery from cold?

If it is particularly cold outdoors, the voltage drop of the car battery increases under load, the capacity decreases. At extreme temperatures, the battery should be removed overnight or during prolonged periods. At “our” temperatures it is enough not to overload the battery too much and switch off all other current emitters during the starting process. Old-age batteries should be replaced or recharged in time. Workshops have test equipment that can be used to check whether it is worth recharging the battery or replacing it.

How do I change/replace a car battery?

For this we can suggest you the following video, in which is very well explained how to change/replace a battery.

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