Campfire mod for minecraft


Campfire mod for minecraft

If you are looking for some great campfires in your minecraft world, then this is the mod for you. Create different campfires and use them for multiple purposes apart from lighting up the area at night. Now you can cook more food on these campfires as compared to the furnace. Made by JSOne, Campfire mod works like a furnace but with higher capabilities. You can also burn the wooden stuff in these fires but not the ores. You can get different colors of the campfires by simply right clicking on a campfire with a dye.

This is an awesome minecraft mod that helps the player get different colored campfire that can be used by him in os many different ways. The mod is very simple to install and use. Now you can enjoy that rustic and practical way of cooking in your Minecraft world.


• Adds to practical campfires to the game
• Get a fancy permanent lighting source with a campfire made from Sticks, Cobblestone, steel and Flint
• Get another non permanent campfire made from Sticks, Cobblestone and coal. This can be a great traveling cooking source.
• These campfires carry double efficiency as one can cook 2 different stacks together.

Changelogs include Bugfixes and Marshmallows added. The only downside to this mod is low options of choices as one can only create 2 campfires. Perhaps gamers could do one that can smelt ores too.

Installation for Campfire Mod for Minecraft:

1. Put in Minecraft Forge
2. Download the mod files
3. Now, go to start menu and open the run dialog box
4. You need to type in %appdata% and press the enter
5. Now open the .minecraft/bin folder and open minecraft.jar file.
6. Get rid of the META-INF folder
7. Close the Minecraft.jar file
8. Now find the way to .minecraft/mods folder and copy the zip file of the mod over here
9. Enjoy your game!