Nvidia SLI with Optifine and SEUS shader pack

I have noticed that many people are asking about using SLI with shaders such as SEUS. Many will reply with “java does not work with SLI”. That is simply not true at all. Java is simply a programming language just like any other one used by a AAA games with SLI support. In the end it’s just a machine code for a CPU. The SLI depends on implementation of the shaders and the drivers, not on the language. If you don’t know how it works, don’t tell people that it can’t be done. I am so tired of people replying to similar questions with “nope” without having a single clue about it.

With no SLI enabled, I was getting around 40-50 FPS at 4K resolution. GPU-Z reported that my first GPU was running at 98% and the second one at 0%.

With SLI enabled and with 4K resolution, I was getting 60 FPS and both GPUs were running at around 50-60% each. I am glad that my single GPU is not running at 90 degrees and instead both of them on comfortable 60 degrees.