Purchasing guide for car spare parts and repair parts

car parts

Numerous components of a vehicle are subject to natural wear and tear. Elements such as electrics, parts of the bodywork or drive parts are subjected to high loads during ongoing driving operations. It is therefore necessary to replace them over time. This guide shows you which car replacement and repair parts you can buy on […]

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Which car hoist is right for my workshop?

lift/hoist for cars in a workshop

Buy cheap used and new workshop equipment online Whether it is a hobbyist or a car repair shop: if you want to repair cars or motorcycles, you need a good car lift. It could even be described as a central workplace in all car parks. But at home, you can also benefit from a car […]

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Which car battery is the best?

car battery

Function, the most common questions and tips: Find suitable and cheap starter batteries for each car Car batteries – without you running, or drives nothing. They are officially called starter battery, but are also found under the terms vehicle battery or car battery. All terms stand for an accumulator, which among other things produces the […]

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How to bleed and how to change brakes?


The most common questions about brakes on the car In the case of brake systems in passenger cars, a distinction is made between the service brake system, the auxiliary brake system and the parking brake system. The parking brake system is the handbrake and the service brake system the “normal” brake, which serves to slow […]

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